Valerian-BNP Paribas : Characters Sculpting Modeling

Paco rabanne : Look-dev advertising.

Orange : Modeling- sculpting

Nestea : Train Asset hero texturing and basic animation

Paco rabanne olympea : 3D Environment Artist : Set designer – High poly modeling, surfacing, lighting and rendering .

Unic film : Modeling and rendering architec

Only 4 people to produce this ad in 1 month and half. everything from scratch.  Amazing isn’t ?

Max Mat :

Props/Decor : Modeling Texturing | Mari + Substance Painter

Characters+Clothes : Modeling/Sculpting. | Maya + Zbrush + Marvelous


A78 x storm , personal project to practise more games techniques 

I always have fun facing new challenges. My personal projects are split between having 50% a good image and 50 % teaching myself new techniques.

This is some of my first shaders tests, to learn the logic behind substance designer. 

Trying different techniques and ideas in my spare time is the way i train myself to face new challenges.

Old days with Mental ray….. rest in peace

What to do after a long sickness? personal project in 2 days 😀

Subdivided quad poly? no problem.

Maya mental ray : scatter techniques using particles and testing ivygen for the first time .

I’m big fan of pixar movies…… why not try a concept for a bus ? 

I was teaching myself Arnold by doing this image, everything is done in 4 days except the car modeling. 

A real-time engine is impressive, small test with UE 4